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The exhibition of the Riva del Garda of 2019

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Author : MZY Shoe factory
Update time : 2019-06-25 07:57:03
Garda Shoes Show is different from other shoe shows. It is unique and precise. It is the only sales show in Europe that looks for low-end and mid-end footwear products (less than 80 euros). It is not a high-end brand. The retailer's exhibition. It also keenly grasped the mid-to-low-end footwear seasons in January and June and determined an extremely suitable time. This time is most suitable for the producers who receive big orders because of the offer A trial period of enough new products to enter the market. Finally, the promotion of the international market has made the “Garda shoes show” a well-deserved feast of the world's low-end footwear trade, which can fully meet the needs of enterprises and individuals. Service. Timeliness and diversity make the “Garda shoes show” an indispensable choice for the footwear industry.

On the 15TH, June 11.AM of 2019, The Riva Schuh(Garda Fair) is staring at the Riva del Garda Exhibition Center, MZY Shoe factory also attend this exhibition. Such as this photo with Mens Casual shoes, we got a good brand customer.
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