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Company honor
MZY shoe factory was established out of our passion for elegant. our company honors are on the market for many years and year after year, with every new collection, we prove that passion is our second name. our success, however, wouldn’t be possible without our clients. the whole brand partners are our company honor. Such as being the Trusted Cooperation brand partners:
Brand Partner with a long cooperation friendship
1. Eleven Years of brand partner: 2. Twelve Years of brand partner
3. Seven Years of brand partner 4. Five Years of brand partner
5. Eight Years of brand partner 6. Nine Years of Partner
7. Seven Years of Partner 9. Six Years of Partner
and so on.

MZY Quality Management System Essential

1  Shoe Material Wharehouse Quality Inspection
2  Shoe Cutting Department Quality Inspection
3  Shoe Upper/Stitching Department Quality Inspection
4  Shoe Molding Department Quality Inspection
5  Shoe Product Department Quality Inspection

After-Sales Service Guarantee

1.1 Overview of after sales service
1.2 After-sales service commitment
1.3 Warranty Out of Service Plan
1.4 Emergency services
1.5 Repair service charges


Why choose us?
1. MZY Shoes Factory since 1977, have 40 years of Professional technological experience. A small batch order also can do for you!
2. High-quality control is our merit.
3. Comfortable, stylish, wearable, breathable, absorb sweat, deodorant, multifunctional, best after-sale, etc all are our products' features!
4. Faster Delivery, time is money! 
5. Profession design, Enhance brand charm!
6. Most Competitive price, Will save 30% Cost for your business!

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