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Women's Chunky shoes in MZY shoe factory

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Author : MZY Shoe Factory
Update time : 2019-05-18 09:58:28

Chunky heel sandal is a kind of women shoes, the main features of the heel is fine and high, like a dagger, some people called stiletto, can be called fine heel with 8 cm above the diameter of the smallest will not exceed 1 cm , this kind of fine high-heel often and pointed tip and become the most sexy is the most difficult to wear shoes, not everyone can easily control, generally more than 7 cm shoes will make people feel tired, the instep natural bow from the formation of a perfect arc, slender heel more elegant.


put on the thin heel, the toes will be squeezed in the tip of the toe, each step on the toe to squeeze, this pain with thick heels, bring the feeling of crumbling, even add a bit sexy.


the current fashion is the heel is getting higher and higher, toe more and more sharp, leading the fashion, running in the trend of the waves. foot so a pair of cool to the extreme of the shoes, it is enough punctuality oh, keep the rate of 100%! us shoes fashion master Megan cleary for the two online dating site of the survey, 80% of women in the first date will choose to wear high heels or trip with high heels.


fine high-heeled shoes can often wear, but the premise is to wear must be comfortable, beautiful, the standing heel must be stable.

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