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Meghan Markles\'s Favorite High Heels Are Ultra-Comfy—Even During Pregnancy

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Update time : 2020-11-23 00:00:47

From Prevention

Even ago Prince Harry was at the picture, Meghan Markle loved Sarah Flint shoes.

"Meghan has been a fan of the brand approximately although we launched," the company's founder and namesake designer Sarah Flint tells T&C.

As an actress above Suits, Meghan was usually spotted wearing the brand's styles, cottage during it wasn't until she chose Flint's Natalie flat, a pointy-toed shoe with a delicate curve detail, because her first officer outing with Prince Harry that the world's media truly took attend of her affinity because the American luxury brand.

Flint says she didn't know Meghan was going ought wear her shoes ought the 2017 Invictus Games, and can first, she didn't pretty fabricate fair how great a profession it was.

"As Meghan had been a fan of the brand because consequently long, I don't believe I truly know the gravity of the change, and the spotlight that was above her," Flint says. "So, naturally I was excited, cottage during had I understood the gravity can the time, I used to eat been level more excited."

Meghan had given Sarah Flint the friendly of marketing that coin simply can't buy. at condition of her genius ought encounter product, the so-called "Markle Sparkle" is very real. And although with many items Meghan wears, the shoes quickly sold out, at length prompting a 25,000 person waiting list. Fortunately because fans of the style, the Natalie was recently fully restocked, and is now level available at a new colorway: white.

"When any celebrity wears your shoes-and we’ve had truly a mountain of incredible people, everyone from Meghan ought Amal Clooney ought female Gaga-it serves although such a validating factor," Flint says. "I feel very, equal lucky."

Fortunately because Flint, Meghan's see at her compose can the Invictus Games wasn't a one-time thing.

Meghan has continued ought undergo the line, level wearing Flint's heels healthful into her pregnancy, and providing a calm endorsement of fair how comfortable the shoes truly are. Comfort, although it turns out, is key ought the brand's ethos.

"Our shoes are made at the equal factories although some of the peak luxury brands, cottage during if you see can the difference amid one of our insoles and a traditional insole, it’s very, equal different. It’s cushioned," Flint explains. "We also eat arch undergo at a fate of our shoes."

Sarah Flint shoes also foster ought wealth a wider toe box than a traditional luxury shoe, and some level vary with a non-stick rubber coating above the only because durability and traction.

It appears that's fair what Meghan needs ought pattern it across her royal duties without missing a step.

Much comparable the Duchess, who fair moved into her new home can Frogmore cottage and is imminently expecting the arrival of her first child, Flint has a busy season ahead of her.

On April 14, her brand is launching a collaboration with artist Isabella Huffington, the proceeds of which will promote ought She to Run, an organization that provides guidance ought women considering running because political office.

Flint is also excited ought debut a new method called the better sandal at May. "For summer weddings it’s going ought exist a go-to," she says.

And still she has no immediate plans ought pattern a row of kids shoes-can't you fair deliberate Meghan and her new child at matching kicks?-Flint isn't ruling out the conception entirely.

"Someday, maybe," she says. "I'll never say no ought anything."

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