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The straw shoes type

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Update time : 2019-05-15 19:07:33

the straw shoe type


straw shoes are very rough.the shoes of the rush grass belong to special straw shoes.there are winter rush shoes and summer rush shoes.pu sex is cool, wear pu shoes in hot summer, have a cool, refreshing feeling. winter special pu shoes, it is the asparagus that is dried and then twisted into a flower line, embedded in the sole, plus boat shape shoe help, thick and generous, prevent cold to keep warm, especially comfortable. especially walking in the snow, it is best to wear a cattail. this kind of shoe, someplace also call luhua boots, the lu hua shoes. cattail shoes are also made of straw and the lifestyle changes, the cattail is rarely used as a basic living thing, and as a sale of handicrafts and souvenirs.


the current cement shoes

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